How to change author of a WordPress post

August 5, 2021

If you are the only admin of your website you can see the author dropdown box below the ..

So if you want to assign user to a post you have to make sure that user (author) exists in the users sections of your WordPress site

— Screen

Go to Users > All Users

If user is not there you can add it

If you want to change the details of the author you can simply edit the user

If you are a editor of the WordPress site

then you create the new post and fill the content created by the author. Next you have to add the author’s details to the post

You can create another user and then you can see the user name (author name) and you can assign that user to the post.

How to add author to post

First you have to open the post on edit mode

Make sure you have selected the “post” tab at the right corner

Under status and availability you can select the author name

Now you can save the post

Assign author to multiple posts

Sometimes you may have to assign an author to multiple posts

You can do this by doing Bulk Edit