Kyle Roof

Kyle Roof is the co-founder of High Voltage SEO, a bespoke SEO firm with locations in Phoenix

How did Kyle learn SEO?

When you ask question related to SEO from experts they have different answers. That is a contradiction and he decided to run his own SEO test and learned the fundamentals behind the SEO

So he has the series of websites on which he runs number of SEO test to identify how the Google algorithm works to rank a web page.

He says “Do not over think of SEO”

You can do the 70% SEO with Title , H1 and Body text

Try to control small enviroment

About his Lorem Epsum story …

According the Kyle, whole site was about Lorem Ipsum

Meta title and H1 tags are identical

Content Silo

Kyle Roof explain about this in more detail

Reverse Silo

What is reverse silo?

Need Diagram

Google loves the content silo, Google can crawl the pages inside the cluster and it can understand the heading of the supporting pages and all the interlinking of these supporting pages towards the parent post.

So you can easily rank your page by creating content slio

How Kyle Roof runs the SEO test

Page Optimizer Pro

People still thinks that you should have keywords in your page million times by jamming the keyword

That is not true according to Kyle

How many times you should use the keywords (Synonyms, LSI keywords, related search) on your page?

What are the places you should place your keywords?

POP software can answer to these questions.