Uninstall a WordPress Plugin

August 6, 2021

If you are running a WordPress website for a long time you may have installed several plugins now. But you have to uninstall those plugin due to following reasons

  • You do not like the existing plugin and you would like to install new plugins
  • Plugin developer does not provide updates
  • Trouble shooting your WordPress

Follow the best practices when you uninstall the WordPress plugin

When you deactivate a plugin it goes to inactive state and you can active it again

When you troubleshoot sometimes you have to deactivate the plugin

When you deactivate the plugin it keeps the setting and configuration.

If you do not want that plugin again you have to uninstall the plugin.

If you keep the deactivated plugin in your WordPress website, hackers may use it to run malicious code which can harm your website. So if your website is not properly guarded with a firewall then this will be a major issue for your website.

Deactivate WordPress plugin

Uninstall WordPres Plugin

Remove ShortCodes used in Plugin

Shortcodes of the plugin you uninstalled will be visible after you uninstall the plugin. So you have to cleanup those manully by observing your posts and pages.

Clean up the files

Clean up the file system