WordPress Sitemap

August 7, 2021

What is Sitemap in WordPress?

Sitemap is a XML file where you have the list of the URLs on your website

Search engines can crawl your website because any page of your website can be accessed through a URL.

If you put the URL in your sitemap.xml file SE can index the URL quickly.


  • Although your web page is not listed on, the search engine can file it because the search engine can crawl your site to a deeper level
  • Listing your page in sitemap.xml files does not guarantee your page gets indexed or increases the SERP but it just improves the chances.

Format of the sitemap.xml

Last modified timestamp

url and lastmodified date is the most important for the search engine

Priority attribute

Types of sitemaps

You have two different types of sitemap

HTML Sitemap

Users can view the sitemap of your website and they can navigate easily

XML Sitemap

There are five types of XML sitemap based on the type of the content.

Normal Sitemap

This is the most common sitemap used in websites and you create the sitemap in XML format and add all URLs to the XML file.

Normal Sitemap in XML format
XML Sitemap index

XML sitemap has some limitations.

To avoid this limitation you can create index for sitemap ( XML index sitemap)

This is an index site map in a WordPress website and this site map has links to other sitemaps. Yoast SEO plug-in create separate sitemaps for posts, pages, and categories.

Index Sitemap in XML format

XML Image Sitemap

XML image sitemap can direct Google to discover the all images hosted on your site. Although images are embedded inside of your webpage you can submit the image site map to Google.

XML image sitemap

You can use JSON-LD schema.org/ImageObject markup to create tags in XML image sitemap.

More details on image sitemap can be seen on Google search central – Image sitemap.

Sometimes this will waste your crawl budget so in some cases this is not mandatory to submit to Google.

You do not have put images in your server but you can use CDN.

XML Video Sitemap

XML video sitemap in WordPress can help Google to find the video content of your website

XML News Sitemap

XML Mobile Sitemap

Having a sitemap is not a ranking factor